Client Testimonials

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"Fred came highly recommended from a few of my closest friends, and he did not disappoint! His readings are uncannily spot on, and what he says will happen always does. Fred is also super smart, friendly, and compassionate. I cannot recommend him highly enough!” - Mike M., New York

"Several years ago, Dean and I went to Fred for astrological readings and consultation, as individuals and as a couple, and we were both amazed by the depth and detailed accuracy of the revealed insights and information.  I still revisit those readings to this day, both the written and the recorded. In fact, I listened to Fred's recording just last night, and the hair on the back of my neck stood up a few times ~  so dead-on. He blends the science and the spirit of this work in a way that is both deeply soulful and also useful, in guidance that can be applied practically and realistically." - Tanya D., Boston

"Fred has been my astrologer and my husband's astrologer for years. He is compassionate, funny, interesting, and ALWAYS on target!!! He really sees what's going on in your life. He has helped my navigate some rough waters. I can't recommend Fred highly enough!!!" - Alex G., New York

"Fred has been doing readings for me for the past 12 years. We have covered everything from my relationships to career to choosing the most advantageous dates for important events. His readings have been so spot on that I have often wondered if Fred is also a gifted intuitive. I have recommended him to many dear friends over the years and each one of them has been blown away. Fred's readings are intelligent, compassionate and insightful. I highly recommend him." - Romaine, New York

"I'd never had a proper astrology reading done, but a close friend recommended Fred very highly to me. An hour and a half later I found myself astounded by the accuracy of the reading, and now three months later so much of what read on my charts has organically happened right down to the specificity of dates. Fred's openness, compassionate nature, and conversational manner made for a wonderful experience -- I did not feel unnerved or out of my own depth, learned so much about myself, and felt less like I was speaking to someone I'd never spoken to before and more as if I was having a conversation with an old friend, who knew me in the past, now, and as I would be going forward." - Lauren O., New York  

"It's been a few years since I was introduced to Fred. And since that initial reading I have had an annual or bi annual reading from him, and it's been just amazing. He not only picks up on things that are going on, but nails them to a tee with dates and details. It's just amazing. The information he provides in his readings has helped me with not just being prepared, but also with knowing what to deal with and how to deal with it." - Nizar I., Sacramento, CA