Bower Bird:

Written sometime in 2007 (?), recorded in 2016 at Kraig Jordan's Plan of a Boy Studio. Just a rough mix, but I kinda like it as is. All instruments by me, but Paul Zuerner and Kraig J played backing band so I could work out a drum part. 

White Belly Demo:

An oldie (1991?). If I remember correctly, this is me on guitar and Tanya on vocals (obviously). I think we recorded this at Fort Apache as a demo that eventually became the full band version on 'Star'. The very cool lead guitar stuff was, I believe, the brainchild of Kim Deal - but I could be wrong about that. Anyhow, I like the spare spookiness of this version, and was always impressed by Tanya's ability to take my basic chord progressions and turn them into a real, fully compsed song. She did the same recently with 'Snow Goose and Me', which is something of a return to 'White Belly' territory.

Snow Goose and Me:

Recorded at Kraig Jordan's Plan of a Boy Studio in Fall 2013 (?). Part of Tanya's Swan Song Series of collaborations. As with White Belly so many years ago, I contributed a chord progression that Tanya transformed into a thing of beauty.  Dean Fisher, Tanya's husband plays a very cool cajon drum box part and the beautiful bowed bass is the work of Joe MacMahon.


My most recent solo excursion. Recorded at Kraig Jordan's Plan of a Boy Studio. I mostly do the one-man-band thing on this one, but also had the talented Paul Zeurner contribute a second guitar track. Paul also helped me get this song off the ground originally by providing me with his guitar prowess and a drum set on which I could work out a suitable part. Kraig did his best to make my voice palatable. Thanks Paul, thanks Kraig! 

Messy thru Unmade:

This is from around 2005. Doug Ernest (drums) and Dylan Roy (bass) kept it real in the rhythm section. Recorded at Dream Edit Studios in Newport with Scott Rancourt.

Wedding Tune and Bliss:

From my very first CD, "Double Widow Secret," recorded with Kraig Jordan at Plan of a Boy Studios. All instruments by me.

Decay, Mosque, and Tell Me:

From an unreleased CD, "Rest Stop Rumble," again recorded with Kraig Jordan at Plan of a Boy. All instruments me.

Wishing Well Practice thru I'll Wait Practice:

From around 2006 (?). Practice session of some unrecorded tunes. Doug Ernest on drums and Dylan Roy on bass.

Pit Bull and Parade:

A couple of demos recorded by the multi-talented Bob Kendall at his backyard studio. Sometime in 2006, I think.