June 2016 - Astrology Readings - Cheap!!

I recently returned from a fantastic trip to the Pacific Northwest (Huge thanks again Pete and Mary, Dreamy, Paul P, Jamie and Johnny, Amelia, Kristin, and Rachel and Daniel!), a two-week west coast odyssey that inspired me in so many ways (mouflons, Western Tanagers, Olympia in general, ping-pong bars, light rail systems, Darth Vader uni-cyclists, etc...). My brief stint at Psychic Sisters in Olympia, WA (thanks Dreamy!) especially got me thinking about finding a way to make it easier (i.e. less costly, less risky) for those curious/dubious about astrology to see what it's all about.

SO, for the month of June 2016 I am cutting my basic rate for readings in half. This works out to roughly $40 for an hour reading. If you or anyone you know is in the camp of curiosity/dubiety when it comes to astrology, then this month is a good time to put that uncertainty to the test. C'mon, give it a shot - what have you got to lose (except $40 and an hour of your time)? 

That's about as 'hard' a sell as I'm capable of ... If it was effective for you, then just get in touch with me through the CONTACT link in the banner MENU. 

Long live the Mouflon!